Where To Find The Serial Number

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Where To Find The Serial Number

How to Find Your Serial Number

Every trailer manufactured is fitted with a type plate, this will have a unique serial number printed on it by multi-dot punching. An example of a standard type plate is shown opposite. This example is printed with the full 17 digit VIN (Vehicle identification number) and where this is the case the last 7 digits represent the serial number. Some models may be fitted with a slightly smaller plate however the serial number will still be present and easily recognisable. Serial

Drawbar Code

The drawbar code is a number cut into the drawbar located to the right or left hand side of the black and silver Ifor Williams type plate where the serial number is located (see above). This number relates to the serial number if in the event the black & silver chassis plate is removed the serial number can be identified from the drawbar code. But when quoting any number to us please use the serial number not the drawbar code. Drawbar

Braked Trailers

For trailers with “A Frame” drawbars the type plate is located on the outside of the right hand drawbar member. On trailers with adjustable height couplings the plate is located on the right hand section of the supporting structure that the drawbar / coupling unit is clamped to. Braked

Unbraked Trailers

On P5/6/7e (unbraked) models the plate is fitted to the front panel of the trailer, or is sometimes attached to the drawbar mounting bracket. On BV64e Box Van models the plate is fitted to the right hand side of the rear crossmember. Unbraked

Identifying Coupling Types

The coupling units fitted to your Ifor Williams trailer may be from one of several different manufacturers, when ordering spares for a coupling or brake linkage it is important to identify the manufacturer and model. Typically an overrun (brake control) coupling unit will be fitted with its own type plate, usually on the top or side of the main shaft housing. The example shown here is from a Knott KF13 overrun coupling. Identify