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What do I need to do if my trailer is stolen?

If you want to get your trailer recovered it is extremely important you do the following:

  1. Report you Trailer stolen by filling out the Report your Trailer Stolen Form on the home page of our website or click here
  2. Report you trailer stolen to the Garda Siochana giving them the correct serial number.

There are a number of things you can do:

  1. First and foremost it is imperative that you get your trailer insured for theft. For a little extra cost it gives great peace of mind.
  2. When insuring you should request to be covered when the trailer is hitched or un hitched a your private business or residence and when it is hitched on your vehicle in a public place.
  3. We advise to always get this in writing and noted on your policy to ensure there is no miss understanding
  4. You will need to give your insurance company the Serial Number the gross and unladen weight of your trailer and its current value.

We strongly recommend that you always keep your trailer locked at all time whether on or off the vehicle and to fit a good quality additional lock while not in use. There are a number of excellent security products available from our spare parts department and can be viewed on the trailer security parts section.

If you are the registered owner and you have lost or require additional keys for the hitch coupling lock on your trailer you can do the following.

  1. You can order additional keys through our parts department.
  2. You can order a replacement cylinder lock supplied with two new keys through our spare parts department.
  3. If you have locked your trailer either on or off your vehicle and have lost your keys, please contact our spare parts department for assistance.

If the serial identification plate is removed on your trailer the serial number is also stamped on top of the driver side drawbar. Most of our trailers also have a drawbar code which is a number etched into the driver side drawbar. The serial number can be cross referenced with the drawbar code. If both serial number and drawbar code are removed it should be possible to identify your trailer as there are hidden numbers also on the trailer. To get your trailer identified you will need to bring your trailer to West Wood Trailers and we will identify it for you.

If you notice the serial plate fitted on your Ifor Williams trailer is missing it is possible to order one. We recommend replating any trailer without a serial plate. Without this serial plate you may find it difficult to sell this trailer privately.

If you have a question that is not answered above please use the form below to ask your question and we will get back to you shortly.