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CT177 Ifor Williams Car Transporter

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West Wood Trailers and Ifor Williams Car Transporter.

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A versatile transporter, wide enough for most light commercials and narrow enough for the smaller car, the CT177 is the ideal trailer for the motor trade or hire professional. Its tilt bed action combined with pull out mini-skids allows for quick and efficient loading of vehicles either under their own power or using one of the winch options available.

The combination of optimum engineering design and high strength materials has produced a trailer with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Wheel arch tops are only 10cm (4″) from the bed to give ample door clearance and feature high grip treads for safe entry and exit from the vehicle being carried. Optional heavy duty wheel straps feature a soft-link that will not damage expensive alloy wheels and can be stowed away in the built-in toolbox.

Mini-skids, to give improved ground clearance, can be quickly and easily slid into position. Fully retained at all times they cannot be lost or stolen and once the vehicle is loaded they simply slide back in place within the rear deck.

The removable winch arm is fully adjustable from side to side allowing alignment with off-centre vehicle recovery eyes.

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TRAILER Specifications

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
CT115 155/70R12C 1400kg 350kg 3.50m /11' 5" 1.70m / 5' 6" 5.06m / 16' 6" 2.15m / 7' 1"
CT136 Single Axle 155/70R12C 1400kg 400kg 4.00m / 13' 2'' 1.86m / 6' 1'' 5.56m /18' 3'' 2.30m / 7' 6"
CT136 TA 155/70R12C 2000kg 495kg 4.00m / 13' 2'' 1.86m / 6' 1'' 5.56m /18' 3'' 2.30m / 7' 6"
CT136 HD 155/70R12C 2600kg 500kg 4.00m / 13' 2'' 1.86m / 6' 1'' 5.56m /18' 3'' 2.30m / 7' 6"
CT177 155/70R12C 3500kg 805kg 5.00m / 16' 4'' 1.91m / 6' 3" 6.70m / 22' 2.30m / 7' 6"

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