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Trailer Registration

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Why is there a need to register my Ifor Williams trailer?

While there is no legal requirement to register your trailer in Ireland we recommend that you keep your registration details up to date on our system to aid in the retrieval of stolen trailers.

If you have purchase a trailer directly from West Wood Trailers there is no need to register your trailer as it is done automatically. If you have purchased through another authorised Ifor Williams dealer it is important to ensure that the used trailer is registered on our system. If it is a new trailer ensure they have taken your contact details for the purposes of registering your trailer. If you have any concerns please phone West Wood Trailers and we will gladly check that your registration is up to date.

If you have purchased a trailer privately you will need to fill in the change of ownership form under trailer registration.

Follow the instructions on this webpage “Where to find my Serial Number” under Trailer Registration tab.

If you have changed address you will need to fill in the change of address form under trailer registration on this website.

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