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After Sales & Service at West Wood Trailers

It is very important that trailers are serviced regularly for both your own and other road users safety. It will also prolong the life of most mechanical parts and in the long run it saves you time and money.

Westwood Trailers pride ourselves in after sales and our experienced staff in our fully equipped workshop can deal with all repairs, servicing and modifications. Our workshop staff are Ifor Williams Trailers accredited service technicians, qualifying through the main manufacturing plant.

Over the past number of years the RSA (Road safety authority) have carried out Trojan work in making our roads a safer place to be, and they steadily along with the Department of Transport have quantified and standard set, areas of road use, including towing and trailers.

From the RSA website,

‘’The Road Safety Authority is introducing a number of reforms to improve the roadworthiness standard of commercial vehicles and trailers on our roads. Find out more about the implications of this reform program on‘’

Also from the RSA website

Trailer Road Traffic Regulations

‘’All trailers must meet with Irish Road Traffic Regulations when in use in a public place. These regulations set out the law in relation to weights, lights, brakes, plating, under-run, side-guards, securing of loads, etc‘’

In addition to the Road safety laws set out, sporadic manufacture of trailers is now standardized through the EU Type approval mechanism. (Please refer to link below).

Trailer Type Approval – from 29th October 2012

For safety, environmental, and trade reasons, the EU has set common construction standards for motor vehicles and trailers. Any trailer that has been approved to these standards can be first licensed in the State in the case of heavy goods trailers, or sold in the case of light trailers. From October 29th 2012 onwards, trailers must comply with these standards, known as European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA), whereby tests are carried out on a representative trailer, and subsequent trailers manufactured are issued with approval certification from the manufacturer in order to allow them to enter into service.

There are also new national schemes to approve trailers: both those manufactured in low volume in Ireland, and for trailers manufactured or imported individually. The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) is the Irish appointed approval authority and is responsible for issuing National Approvals for trailers in Ireland. NSAI has established a network of Appointed Test Centre’s (ATC’s) who physically examine and issue test reports for some or all of the technical requirements. These test reports are then used by NSAI to grant the trailer approvals.

Information Notes have been prepared for light trailers and heavy trailers in order to provide further clarification on the system of type approval applicable to these vehicles from the 29th of October 2012 onwards.

However, irrespective of type approval or national approval requirements, once trailers are in use on the public road, they must meet the requirements laid out in the ‘C&U’ ‘CE&U’, and ‘Lighting Regulations’ outlined above

Every vehicle owner must ensure that his or her vehicle or combination of vehicles complies with all applicable Regulations. These are outlined in three main pieces of legislation as follows:

  • Road Traffic (Construction, Equipment and Use of Vehicles) Regulations as amended
  • Road Traffic (Construction and Use of Vehicles) Regulations as amended
  • Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations as amended

Individuals engaged in the supply of mechanically propelled vehicles also have a legal responsibility to ensure that vehicles and their components comply with all applicable requirements set out in Road Traffic legislatio

The bottom line of what we are seeing in the modern world, is very simple, to use our public roads in a proper manner requires YOU and your trailer to be road legal. The law is there and clear, and it is to this standard that we service your trailer, so that you leave the premise in the full clear knowledge that your trailer is road legal.

Repair and service estimates

We offer free of charge on all jobs before they commence a report on what needs to be done to the trailer, with an exact quotation.

Speed of Service

With all parts availability on our shelves, we can offer full service turnaround, usually within a day or two depending on the work requirement.

Service Booking

To avail of our service you must book your trailer in, online using the button below or by calling our service department on 045 397150 or by contacting us on,

**Please Note any Livestock trailer must be thoroughly steam cleaned prior to dropoff**