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Advice On Purchasing a Trailer Privately

1. Obtain the serial number of the Ifor Williams trailer from the seller. If the seller is unwilling to provide the serial number, or if the serial plate is missing or tampered with, do not purchase the trailer.
2. Never purchase an Ifor Williams trailer without performing a stolen trailer check on the West Wood Trailers database.
3. If the trailer is not on the West Wood Trailers database contact:

  • The National Plant & Equipment Register (TER) on 0044 1225 464599
  • Ifor Williams Trailers customer care on 0044 1490 412626

4. Ensure the seller is the registered owner of the trailer. Ask for the seller’s ID.
5. Obtain purchase receipts and any other supporting documentation.
6. Request a service history from the seller to ensure the appropriate maintenance of the trailer was carried out over its lifetime.
7. View the trailer during the day at the seller’s home or workplace.
8. Bring a professional or acquaintance to view the trailer.
9. West Wood trailers can offer a full report on the condition of any trailer you are purchasing or have purchased to give you piece of mind. Phone our service department on 045-876053.
10. Be very aware of bringing cash to purchase a trailer from a private individual at a given address if you do not know them.
11. If the seller is reluctant to help with any of the above advice do not purchase the trailer.
12. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.
13. After purchasing ensure the trailer is registered on the West Wood Trailers database.

If You Cannot Find A Suitable Trailer

To buy with confidence view the full range of pre-owned certified trailers from West Wood Trailers.

Ownership Registration Back-Up Offer

West Wood Trailers operate and hold a database of all Ifor Williams trailers sold into Ireland over the past 40 years. This database is used to record all reported stolen Ifor Williams trailers.
In the unfortunate event that your trailer is stolen you can report your trailer stolen on the database below.

Once your trailer is on the database it can be recovered through the following means:

  • If someone attempts to trade in your trailer to West Wood Trailers or another authorised Ifor Williams dealer.
  • If someone attempts to purchase your trailer privately and performs a stolen trailer check.
  • If a member of An Garda Síochána performs a stolen trailer check.

Service and Service Warranty

At West Wood Trailers all pre-owned trailers are brought into our workshop for assessment and go through a thorough investigation. We then carry out service work and fit all necessary parts required. When a trailer is serviced we give a full 6 month service warranty. This warranty may be extended if a problem occurs and we feel it is genuine. We are a customer-service focused company and have a proven record over the past 40 years of providing excellent back-up and after-sales service. Therefore as our customer you can buy with confidence.

Trade Sale (Buy As Is)

For customers who do not require a fully serviced trailer with a warranty they can purchase before any work has commenced.